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Monday, 14 April 2008

Want to play MP4 movies via the XBOX 360 dashboard streamed from WMP11?

In my quest to find a solution to stream movies from my VMC PC to my XBOX 360 dashboard, this was before the release of the fall update that added support of the DIVX codecs to playback AVI's and before I was able to Transcode successfully in real time using Transcode 360, one solution I discovered was to add file support in to WMP11 / VMC for MP4 files.

After running a registry hack and then adding a watch folder in to WMP11 to point to my MP4 movies and enabling WMP11 media sharing with my XBOX 360, this then allowed for the playback of those MP4 movies via the media blade in the XBOX 360 dashboard.

After trying many registry hacks this is the only one that fully works and not only enables the MP4 files to be visible but for them to be played back in the XBOX 360 dashboard.

If you also want to add support for other file formats as well, such as M4V / M4A or you have a 64bit system please visit this page. The author there is the source of the MP4 registry hack I used on my own Vista 32bit system which can be downloaded from me here.

You will also need the right codecs installed on your PC, I would recommend Fddshow Tryouts and the Haali Splitter or just the K-Lite Full Codec Pack.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk and ensure you have a full backup of your registry before applying the reg file. This is a hack for Vista 32bit and has not been tested on MCE 2005.


Mark said...

On the page that you link to for the 64bit download there is also a 32bit .reg file. I used that file on my MCE2005 machine with WMP11 and it now streams .mp4 files to my Xbox 360 quite happily.

Stuart said...


Excellent, glad to hear you got it working! I know I searched for a long time looking for a registry hack that would work and this is the only one I found that actually did!

nickmax1 said...

Cheers this reg file worked a treat for me, the other reg file circulating the net didnt work (it did make WMP11 recognise .mp4 but the xbox 360 didnt) but now it works first time....great stuff.

xemefex said...

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tbombs said...

I just got a Vista PC with media center. I also have an Xbox and have been trying to play my itunes music through my Xbox using media center. I discovered last night that the Xbox doesn't support MP4 files. I'm not nearly as tech savvy as you are, but would like to find a way to play my itunes MP4s through media center on my Xbox. Can you help with this?? Thanks!

Conor said...

Hey guys why dont you just use zune it is free and just as easy to use as doing it through windows media player

Stuart Harrison said...

This post is old and out of date, check when it was written.