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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Niveus release remote control software for media center

Niveus Media Inc have released a media center remote control software application called Niveus Media Center Companion. The fully featured version only available to Niveus customers, allows access to your Recorded TV and Movies and also has Extender Zone support. The free basic version available to the public allows access only to your Pictures, Music and the virtual remote.

I did have a play around with the basic version and to be honest I found it to be a bit of a let down, here's what I wrote about it on the Niveus forum:

This is a bit of a let down for myself, as it does not display my pictures properly, presumably because I am using the file shortcut method and not actually watching my pictures folder in the WMP11 / VMC library, therefore Niveus Companion does not see them? It's also listing other folders under pictures which it should not be, for example a recorded tv\temprec\tempSBE folder. And also its listing my Music folder and showing all the cover art images. I don't see any of these folders in WMP11 or VMC in the picture library so where's it picking them up from? Also I have no album cover art showing in the music section in the Niveus Companion. Again I am not using the default art caching in WMP11 and am using the MCE Album Art Work fixer which points to my HI-Res cover art Folder.jpg's in the ehome\art cache folder. This is a nice concept but it needs a little more work I think. The full version would be better if you could control your TV and Movies. Think I will stick with ngRC on my Sony PSP for the time being for controlling my Music via a hand held. MCEGuru also looks decent put you are limited to a Nokia Internet Tablet. Mirage is the other option for this kind of thing.

Try it out and let me know what you think about this software?

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