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Friday, 11 April 2008

New Movies add-in for Media Center

Quiiq have released a new "My Movies" type add-in for Windows Media Center. Its had mixed reviews and the pricing seems a little expensive, the base package is $29.95 and the network package which is what most users would probably need is $65.95 The network package includes two client licenses.

I personally use My Movies its a decent movie add-in for Media Center and best of all its free. I'm looking forward to the release of the MCML based version 3.

Upgrade your home cinema experience

Relax, sit back and enjoy hours of pure entertainment with your family and friends. Put in your hands the power of an interactive home cinema and theater experience. QuiiQ MOVIES is a brand new way to archive, manage and watch your entire movies collection. Just use your remote control to transform your TV box into a glamorous cinema projector with direct links to your favourite titles, actors, directors and digital copies of your movies.

User friendly

QuiiQ MOVIES has a powerful user friendly interface, controlled either by touch displays, remote controls or wireless keyboards. It is highly effective with vast databases and provides access to thousands of titles, actors and directors instantly.

Network distribution

With QuiiQ MOVIES you can watch any movie stored in the digital archive from every access point of your home network. Search all the movies related information and create powerful filters to improveyour navigation experience.

For Windows Media Center

QuiiQ MOVIES is designed for the new Windows Vista™ Media Center platform. Take advantage of all the features available in the Media Center like pictures slideshow, playing video, listening to music, selecting radio stations and recording TV.

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