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Monday, 17 December 2018

Z-Wave roller blinds with Dooya motor, Vera controller and Fibaro shutter module - Part 4

Welcome to part four of my roller blind installation, you can see part one here part two here and part three here.

We've now added a pelmet made out of MDF wood to cover the roller blind tube and brackets. Makes everything look much neater, painted it the same colour as the walls. 

Video of the roller blind in operation with Google Home voice commands.

Vera Z-Wave controller UI7 web GUI and the new blind controls.

Imperihome mobile app for Android and the new blind controls.

I've set the blinds in Vera to automatically close when entering in to either Night or Away modes. As yet I've not created a schedule to automatically open the blind in the morning but you could easily do that also. 

Well that's it for this project, I am currently trying to source curtain track motors with inbuilt Z-Wave radio so perhaps next time I can cover those, if I manage to get some. Or the other thing I'd like to do is a low voltage easy plug in DC 12V / 24V tube motor in another smaller roller blind, for sun screen behind my curtains in the lounge, using a Qubino DC Flush Shutter module.