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Friday, 11 April 2008

Control Windows Media Center Music via PSP / iTouch / iPhone

ngRC - next generation Remote Control

This is a great little program for media center that allows you to control and queue up your music on Windows Media Center using a hand held device such as a Sony PSP or Apple iTouch/iPhone.
I've tried this out on my own system and it works pretty well on my PSP definitely a good way to sit in the garden and control what's playing on your Media Center PC without needing to be in front of the monitor or TV screen!

What are the main features?

  • MediaCenter-like Skin on your mobile device
  • Lets you browse through your music library, play music, etc.. without the need to switch on your TV
  • Lets you remote control you Media-Center (every function that are on your normal IR-Remote Control are now within your mobile device)
  • Now you have a WiFi-Remote Control
  • Extender Support (lets you switch between your different extenders, with only one Remote-Control)
  • Control your music in any room
  • Multiple Skin-Support
  • OpenSource Software

Just download and try:

Here are some screenshots:

More details can be found on The Green Button here

1 comment:

Luc said...

Supperb tool!!! I just installed the Remote from AppStore on my iTouch to remote control iTunes and wondered if some tool is also available for MCE. ngRC is what I looked for. Just do hope that this will be enhanced ... some search function is missing, this as I have thousands of songs an it is quite hard to start from the first page to select some song @ the end ... like ZZ-Top ... ;-(