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Friday, 2 January 2009

Windows 7 Build 7000 (Beta1) Your issues and requests

I recently installed Windows 7 Build 7000 (Beta1) This is an important mile stone build and is the first Windows 7 build I have installed, I thought it was time I started testing Media Center out in Windows 7.

So far I have to say I'm pretty unimpressed, granted I've mainly been looking at WMP12 at this early stage but some of my findings are well more than a little concerning!

Some of the issues I've seen or have been having so far include the Music Wall generation in Media Center and Media Center in general using massive amount of memory resources, rending my little test laptop unusable when the music wall kicks in having to end task on ehshell.exe. I'm hoping a RAM upgrade will help me here.

The dreaded Low-Res 200 x 200 WMP issue has not been resolved despite assurances from certain Microsoft employees on the Green Button that it would be.

Issues with the WMP Media Libraries, album cover artwork images still appearing in amongst your family photos.

No Synopsis information in the Movie Library previously called DVD Library.

And more issues, granted some of these issues may only be on my system. However I strongly suggest all Media Center users especially those now running Windows 7 Build 7000 head over to this new thread on the Green Button and submit your comments and feedback as I'm certain the ehome team will be watching this thread in due course!

Thread can be found here

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