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Sunday, 4 January 2009

Serious DVR-MS bug in Windows 7 Build 7000

It seems no one can play DVR-MS recorded TV files in Media Center in Windows 7 Build 7 Beta 1.

On the PC and the Extender if you try to play a DVR-MS file Media Center crashes and displays an error

I hope this is just a bug and not MS killing off the now legacy DVR-MS file format which was replaced with .WTV as lots of people have converted DVD's and other content to

the DVR-MS container for native playback on the extenders!


Anonymous said...

Hmm same problem here.. and that's bad.. I really like the windows 7 version :-( but now I cannot see any recorded shows. Does the previous build have the same problem or is this only .7000 version release issue?

Stuart said...

Apparently the last build was ok, it's a bug in build 7000 and should be fixed by MS

Anonymous said...

According to another forum this can be fixed by installing KB961367, but I haven't tried that yet because I am currently at work...