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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Media Center 7 - Which file types and containers?

I've been doing a massive amount of testing on Windows 7 Build 7000. You can follow mine and other users findings, issues, bugs and requests etc on this thread here.

The lastest thing I've been testing is which file formats play in Media Center now? Both on Media Center on the PC and in Media Center on my XBOX 360 Extender.

I've compiled a list of my findings in a PDF table which you can view here.

If the PDF doesn't open in your browser? You may have to right click the link above and select Save Link As (Firefox) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer) and save the PDF file to your PC and then open from that location locally.

I can say at this point, DVD VOB's don't play back natively on the extender, I'm not sure if Microsoft will enable this but I certainly hope so it would make my life a lot easier! Also MKV and MOV files do not play on the extender which was to be expected. MKV support is required and I really hope Microsoft can do this? If not we need a talented developer to create a transcoder that could remux .MKV files to .M2TS ones on the fly. M2TS files are now supported in Windows 7 but it is still unclear about native support for the playback of Blu-ray disks from optical drives? As people that have tried this are saying it doesn't work and Media Center prompts for software? I've not tried this myself as I don't have a Blu-ray drive currently.

The good news is DIVX/XVID I think both? Are now supported on the XBOX 360 Extender, after re-installing an "Optional Media Update" which appeared as a dashboard type pop-up within Media Center, I was slightly confused at first as I already had said update installed on the XBOX. However re-installing the update again then enabled the DIVX playback. Also my MP4 movie files now play natively on the XBOX 360 extender.

Head over to the thread on The Green Button and take a look at the PDF table.

Head over to the thread on The Green Button and take a look at the PDF table.


Anonymous said...

Just installed w7 (Running in Virtual PC) and have similar results.

Nice to see the support for MP4 versions by default in Media Player....

haven't installed Hali Media Splitter yet....

Have you tried to use ZUNE as the gateway to the Extender as it does on the fly file conversion for many additional file types not listed in your PDF ....Just install ZUne Media Player (No ZUNE MP3 player required, and enable to share files with Xbox extender. Add your video file directories....

Stuart said...

I do have a Zune device and the Zune software already installed, it's not setup in the manner you suggested however. I will have a go with that thanks.