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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Simple commercial removal tool

I installed Life Extender the other week, I wanted an easy to use no hassle way of cutting out the commercials from my Media Center Recorded TV. I'd previously looked at DVR-MS Toolbox but found it over complicated and never really got it working.
Life Extender sounded much more like what I was wanting and seemed ideal. I have had mixed results using Life Extender however on a (UK) DVB-T over the air digital signal. Some times it would not cut out any commercials although just recently it seems to be doing a better job of it and working.

Give it a try and let me know what you think? Or if you are already using Life Extender let me know if you think its any good?

the overview
Lifextender is a dead-simple commercial-removal application designed exclusively for Windows Vista Media Center users. There is ZERO configuration required, however, there are plenty of options if that's your thing.

the name
Because your 30-minute TV shows will now be around 22 minutes long, saving you around 15 minutes for every hour you watch TV, you'll notice that you have a lot more free time. This gives the illusion that your life is being extended... kidding.

the cost
Lifextender is free as in beer, so it costs you nothing. However, if you are in a generous mood, feel free to donate to keep the development alive.

the premise
Lifextender is pretty simple. It scans the directory where Media Center records TV for new TV shows. All new TV shows are queued up to be analyzed and scanned for annoying commercials. After a show has been analyzed, a new file is created from the original with commercials removed, around 3/4 the original size. The original show is then replaced by the new, commercial-free show. Rinse and repeat.

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