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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Silence your XBOX 360

Here's a mod to silence your XBOX 360 with a new replacement fan.

"It seems like Microsoft , in designing the Xbox 360 , set out to create the loudest game console ever built by mankind—and we wouldn't be surprised if it succeeded. When you turn on a 360 and its rear fans start to spin, it sounds like a Cessna revving up for takeoff. Then the DVD drive kicks in and the Cessna transforms into a full blown 747.

Jason Cross attempted to silence, or at least quiet down, an Xbox 360 some time ago. Since then, ready-made mods have appeared to help with noise. We're talking about the Talismoon Whisper Fan for the 360, made to spec to replace the 360's stock, noisy dual-fan unit."

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