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Friday, 10 August 2012

Stolen my blog articles and traffic for cash generation?

Update: Blogger aka Google have now taken down the offending site. I have to say their response time was much quicker than I expected it would be, so a big thumbs up to them for sorting it out!

Its come to my attention that there is a cloned fake “The Media Center Blog” on the Internet, the fake blog can be found here: Whoever created this blog has stolen a large selection of my past article content, every article on the fake site was originally written by myself. I can only assume they have done this to steal content and traffic to generate cash as there is a Paid-To-Promote banner at the top of the fake blog.

I am currently discussing this with the legal team at Google with the hope that the fake blog will be taken down off the Internet. If you happen to see any other blogs that look like they contain my Media Center blog content please let me know so I can report those as well.

I don’t know how long the fake blog has existed? But the ticker says 2000 + hits and it is now appearing in Google search results for Media Center and related keywords that I write about.

My genuine URL’s for my two blogs are:

If you have a Google Blogger blog and find yourself in the same situation you can contact Google by filling out a DMCA Report. 




Balance said...

Sorry to hear about that, I appreciate your articles (on your site!) and there's nothing worse than someone stealing your content - it's just too easy to do as well.

Stuart Harrison said...

Yeah they must have thought my content would get them traffic? I bet this sort of thing goes on allot with people trying to generate a fast buck with other peoples content. Just hope Google take it down as I don't want Google searches going to the fake blog and not my real blog where they can contact me and leave comments etc.