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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LED Strip Lighting Project–Part5

I wanted to install some LED lights outside on the decking. I figured out I could run two 5050 LED Controllers and LED strips from the one large 15amp LED Driver power supply, so I hooked up my second LED Controller / RF touch remote kit.

Testing the second LED Controller connected to the same 15A power supply


The LED strip in the kitchen and the one just outside on the deck won’t be in colour sync, however I wanted two LED Controllers and two RF touch remote controls, so I could independently control the kitchen or deck lights. As I didn’t want the outside lights on all the time if I just wanted the ones in the kitchen on.

I drilled a hole out in the corner behind the washing machine, through the external wall which I then fed through the cables to the outside.


I did actually buy a 2 amp LED driver power supply but I didn’t need it in the end, I will use this behind the kids wall mounted TV in their bedroom as they now want LED lights in their room, I just need to buy another IR remote control and LED controller, will probably buy the cheaper 24 key IR version.

2 Amp LED Driver Power Supply is allot smaller than I imagined it would be.


Larger 15A Power Supply left and the smaller 2A Power Supply right.


Patio window at the rear of the house / decking area.


The hole in the wall from the kitchen is just below the electric meter box on the left of the picture, this is where the LED strip starts and at the other end on the right the LED strip is just cut off to length.




The LED’s are much brighter than I imagined and light up the decking area well. I was going to add a second LED strip at the opposite side of the decking but I don’t think I will bother, one strip seems to be bright enough.


Not the best picture but its very Blue!


I added an ACT HomePro Z-WAVE appliance plug under the kitchen cupboards that plugs into the 15 amp LED Driver power supply, this will enable me to turn on and off the LED lights from the mControl Home Automation system rather than just being able to use the RF touch remotes, I will also now be able to set on/off timers and also to cut all power to the LED Driver power supply which I wouldn’t have been able to do other wise with the kick boards in place.


mControl MCML add-in for Windows Media Center with custom LED Lights device icon.
Back Garden – LED Lights – ON/OFF


Kitchen – LED Lights - ON/OFF


mControl for Internet Explorer


Well that’s it, once I’ve gotten the LEDs up and running behind the kids bedroom TV I think I will be all done on the LED lighting front, for now at least!

Next project? Maybe some bespoke Z-wave enabled motorized Somfy blackout roller blinds!


I replaced the IR LED controller with a Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW module, see here for more about that upgrade.


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Looks brilliant, well done.

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