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Monday, 30 January 2012

MCE LoveFilm updated–2.1.1

My new favourite Windows Media Center add-in MCE LoveFilm has been updated to version 2.1.1

What’s new since version 2.0 ?

  • Added "New Releases" and "Just Added"
  • Added the ability to save favourites.
  • Online favourites for licensed customers.
  • Improved streaming capabilities.

New Releases and Just Added are now available under genres, this should make finding new content a little easier.



Favourites - you can now add titles in to a favourites list, I think this is a handy feature for when you are browsing around looking for titles of interest, you can now mark them for later viewing and find them in the new favourites menu item.



Online favourites for licensed customers. You can now set a pin code in the settings on each HTPC that you have MCE LoveFilm installed on. The idea is that your favourites are stored in the “cloud” and you can access the same set of favourite titles from multiple HTPC’s running MCE LoveFilm.


You can now also install a web browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, which enables you to browse the LoveFilm website and then click a button to add the current title to your MCE LoveFilm favourites. Full details are here.

Still on my wish list are watched icons and for the TV Series / Episodes to be grouped like they are in TunerFree MCE.

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