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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre version released

If you are an Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre user, there is a new version that has been released yesterday. Version adds some new features and bug fixes:

01. Automatic Refresh Rate Switching
02. Intel IvyBridge Support
03. AVCHD 3D content support
04. New authentication system (allows converting trial downloads into full version.)

01. Fix pixelation issue with recent Fox Blu-ray discs (Star Wars, X-Men First Class, etc)
02. Fix YouTube
03. Fix OpenCL for SimHD on AMD hardware
04. Fix playback issue with Grindhouse Blu-ray
05. Fix stutter issue on AMD 5xxx series cards
06. Fix AV sync over time issue with some Blu-ray 3D discs (Pirates 4, etc)

01. Apocolypse Now disc playback fails pre-menu.

There is also a new authentication engine and new Activation Code to convert it from a Trial version to a Full version.

Full details can be seen here

1 comment:

Renny said...

And the best part is you have to manually type in a 56 character product key to get the update registered