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Monday, 11 October 2010

My Channel Logos – Jazz up your Media Center Program Guide

I was setting up a new HTPC this week for our living room and one of the things I wanted to do was add channel logos in to the program guide. I’d done this previously using Big Screen EPG. However I found another great little utility called My Channel Logos who’s only job is to add logos in to your guide, unlike Big Screen EPG which can also be used to import guide data from 3 party sources.

Upon the first launch of My Channel Logos it will automatically download the logos for your region. Logos are currently available for the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, New Zealand.

Once the application opens it looks like the below and its really just a case of hitting the Auto Populate Logos button and your pretty much good to go.

However I did find that for the UK logos some were missing. But you can add your own custom logos, so I had to find some extra logos from Google images for the following channels:

  • The Big Deal
  • Channel One
  • Create and Craft
  • ITV2+1
  • Price Drop TV

The end result is nice looking channel logos in your Media Center program guide as shown below.

I believe My Channel Logos was a free application but now to download it, you must donate a minimum of $3.


Anonymous said...

Cool - just set it up on my media centre and it works a treat.

Any chance you can submit the extra logos you found back to the developer so he can update the central store?

Stuart Harrison said...

The missing logos I found were not good quality.

There is a logo set here:

These are quite good logos but still some missing!