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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Has your XBOX 360 ever broken?


My first generation XBOX 360 has died for a second time with the dreaded 3 Red Rings of Death. Microsoft UK are now wanting 68 UK pounds to have my console repaired. That seems like allot of money when you can buy a new 4GB slim model for 150 quid.



My console first died whilst I was living in Thailand and at this time when checking the UK XBOX support website I would have been entitled to a free no cost repair according to their online system. However I could not easily post my XBOX from Thailand back to the UK for repair and they would not have sent it back to me in Thailand anyways.

I recently moved back home to the UK so I checked the XBOX support site again and now their system states a fee of 68 pounds is required. I contacted XBOX support via email but they just said they could not offer me a free repair at this time.

So that’s that, I’m not paying to have it repaired and I doubt very much I will buy a new XBOX from Microsoft again. I’ve heard many stories from my own friends and people I speak to in the forums that their XBOX’s have died at some time or another.

I did some searches on eBay UK and US today and was amazed at the numbers of faulty and broken XBOX 360’s listed for sale, page and pages of them!

eBay UK search results

eBay US search results

If you have had problems with your XBOX 360 and feel frustrated about it, then please leave a comment and let us know!

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