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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

You wanted it, you've been waiting for it, it's finally coming? Hulu for MCE

I've been looking at the Hulu related threads lately on The Green Button as I've recently started watching some of the great content on the Hulu website.

It seems there were a few attempts at add-ins for Hulu, but they never got off the ground and delivering the goods. Then I saw this thread a few days ago and my hopes for Hulu within Media Center were instantly raised.

A new Media Center developer called Yaggs has posted screen shots and a video of a very promising looking add-in for playing Hulu, it's not clear if extenders will be supported at this stage as Hulu uses flash like the BBC iPlayer and I believe the BBC channels in TunerFree MCE don't work on extenders as a result, so maybe this new add-in might have similar limitations as both add-ins use a method of displaying the HTTP WebPages in MCE rather than actually tapping in to the video streams proper.

None the less it's welcome news when Microsoft really seem to be dragging their heals in this area of Media Center development and as a result are likely to be left behind in the IPTV content race by the likes of Boxee and co.

View the video here add-in home page:

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