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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Exclusive - Hulu in TunerFree MCE

I've been running a beta version of TunerFree MCE all day today and I can access Hulu content from within this MCE add-in ! Big Smile

Martin Millmore the talented developer behind TunerFree MCE is currently working on Hulu integration and possibly other US based IPTV content as well!

It seems Hulu in MCE are like buses they all arrive at the same time. My preference is not to have one add-in that only allows you access to one type of online content. So I will be backing TunerFree MCE in this race, as ideally we all want to have one MCE UI that we can use to access as much IPTV content as possible.

There is nothing worse than having to use this 3rd party add-in for X content and another add-in for Y content. And untill MS wake up and do something decent natively then its 3rd party developers like Martin and Yaggs that are really moving things forward for the entire MCE community in this area and I solute you both!

You can download the TunerFree MCE - Hulu beta here. The remote control doesn't work yet with Hulu so use your mouse.

Oh and obviously if you are not located in the US you need to use a USA VPN connection, proxy support should be added in later builds.

You will see this if you are not located in the US and are not using a VPN / Proxy connection.


Jason said...

Does TunerFree MCE with Hulu work on extenders?
Lovin your blog keep up the great work.

Stuart said...

No support on extenders yet both Hulu and BBC use flash. Flash is not supported on extenders.

Rebeca said...

Having major problems getting what looks to be a very good app up and running properly.I have installed the latest version of Tuner Free MCE and followed all the steps in the how to use and faq sections including viewing all the different players through internet explorer first incase of missing plugins.