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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Some of my favourite video games

Not media center related but hey this is my blog! I'm getting excited about two new games that are being released, Tomb Raider Under World which is released on the 21st of November 2008 and Resident Evil 5 which I think is due for a release on March 12th 2009, which is quite handy as that's a few days before my birthday.

I've played and completed every single game in both these series, since the Playstation One.
Excellent games if you like these types of genres.

I'm still actually playing GTA4 think I'm about 74% in to it now, I've completed a few games in between playing it, so that's why I've still not finished it, again the GTA series is amazing and I have completed every GTA game Rock Star have made.

I wouldn't say I was a massive gamer however but these games are the ones I really like, and the Call of Duty series rocks as well!

Resident Evil Zombie

Tomb Raider in Thailand !

What other games similar to these would you recommend?

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