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Wednesday, 29 October 2008

So where's the AVI love?

Microsoft recently announced native H.264 support for Media Center and the XBOX 360 MCX. Well that was a no brainer as HD TV in many countries requires H.264 support.

So my question or half of it anyways still remains, when will we see native support in the XBOX 360 MCX for DIVX / XVID / AVI ?

Your guess is as good as mine but I now feel this won't be happening and I will be ditching my XBOX's in favour of Sony Playstation's for games and V2 extenders for MCX.


Anonymous said...

Windows 7 pre-beta support XVID/DIVX to XBOX360 MCE natively.

Stuart said...

How do you know that? Don't think MS have confirmed XVID/DIVX support for the Xbox 360 MCX have they?

They have confirmed H.264 support for the 360 MCX however.

Ashley said...

Im running Windows 7 BETA, Media Center and my Xbox 360, I cant see any native support for XVID/AVI anywhere, im trying to hack my way through using Media Control Plugin and it still not working! Any help would be appreciated.

Stuart said...

Native DIVX/XVID support is in Windows 7. WMP12 / 7MC will play AVI's right out of the box. And also the XBOX 360 media center extender also supports DIVX/XVID. You may need to apply a dashboard update to get the MCX playing these formats.