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Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Updating Zune 2.5 to 3.0 problems and issues

Well my Zune 3.0 upgrade could have gone much better! It can't have gone much worse that's for sure!

My Zune 2.5 software detected that an update was available it then launched a Zune Setup window, brown background with the Zune logo and that was it nothing else happened, left it for a good while still nothing. So closed that and went to the site was down for maintenance or so it told me. Did a refresh 5 minutes later and the site was back, I downloaded the Zune 3.0 installer.

Once I had the Zune 3.0 software installed after a reboot, I plugged in the Zune device, Windows Vista then decided it needed to install the device driver again for the Zune device, it failed twice on the third try the driver was installed.

The Zune software then advised me I had to upgrade the Zune device firmware to 3.0 which it did. However the Zune software never told me the installation had finished, I just had a cancel button. Back and Next buttons were both greyed out. One admission, is that I was playing an album in the background in the Zune software, probably should have not been doing that whilst trying to update the device!
I kept the Zune device connected via the USB cable, the Zune had rebooted and done its thing, the About in Settings on the device confirmed 3.0 version level. Games had appeared on the main menu but no Market Place option, probably because I am not in the US.

So I figured the update had finished I closed the Zune software and re-opened it. I then started a sync, the only items to be added to the device were 38 photos however it is still syncing now taking bloody ages and only at 27%. Its doing some update routine on all my 3800 + music tracks, no idea why it's having to do this? But its slow and my PC seems slower as a result.

First positive thing, I like the new clock in the top right hand corner on the Zune device lol! But will you have to keep resetting to the correct time every time the battery dies, I suspect you will.

Update: Just to let you know it did finally finish updating / syncing.

See the screen shots, click them to make them larger.


link470 said...

I'm also having issues with my Zune 3.0 update. The actual update went perfectly running on Windows XP Pro SP3. However I'm curious as to why the software now runs in Basic display instead of the premium advanced graphics one. I love my fade transitions!!!111oneoneone

Also, the Zune itself, that cool default background it had it gone now. I'm hoping I can get that back!

Anonymous said...

You're either tech-illiterate or just plain retarded if you had any problems with this update. I updated to Zune 3.0 on both my XP SP3 desktop and my Vista SP1 notebook and never looked back. My Zune 8 is sitting pretty with all the new good stuff.

Anonymous said...

some of my songs play at twice the speed.

the progress bar doesn't move with the song playing, it stays at 0:00. it will move again if i fast forward a bit in the song. but then it'd do it again for the next song.

some of my songs last for almost and hour when they are supposed to be a few minutes long, it keeps repeating until the time is up

some of my songs say that they are only a few seconds long but they aren't and they play gor their usual full length of time.

the zune keeps freezing on me.

raadoo said...

Hi cw-kid.
I'd like to take off topic. Would you please post the list of addins you currently use? I like some of your choices, but I'd be very happy to see more plugins and maybe try them... I couldn't find such a topic on thegreenbutton as well.

Stuart said...

Yeah that's certainly something I can look at doing, a list of the MCE plug-ins I have used. I know Ian on the Media Center Show is planning on building a set of reviews / downloads of MCE plug-ins over on his website so watch that space as well.

71 said...

I am having problems with Zune 3.0. My Zune works fine but on my desktop (XPS 1) it freezes the computer when I open it. Once it freezes nothing works, not even task manager...
Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Hi! also i´m experimenting some kind of different issues, for example some times when i´m changing songs the counter for the song stop working, another issue is some times when i change songs the next track sound weird like it when you fordward, also it hangs up frecuently, the battery meter is not working properly, does microsoft made a solution for those bugs my zune is from the first generation of 30gb

Chris said...

Since I upgraded to 3.0 my zune freezes and sometimes plays songs without audio...

Shane said...

My zune is only syncing about 22% of the songs from my collection, I keep receiving the zune cannot connect to the device messages, it all starts after 3.0 was installed. I am currently reinstalling the zune software and I have restarted my zune several times. Any ideas?