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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

ngRC Version 2 Beta 1 out now!

ngRC-next generation Remote Control

turn your iPhone/iPod touch or your PSP into a cool WiFi remote control. ngRC gives you the abability to control your VMC/MCE (Vista Media Center or XP Media Center) and all your connected extenders with only one remote control.

But controlling your media center remotely is not the only thing, ngRC is able to do. Do you want to play music from your library, without switching on your television? No problem: ngRC enables you to browse through your complete music library, play music, add to playlist, etc… So you can stay in your kitchen and choose another song, that should be played, without the need to walk to your TV in the living room. Even if you want to play another music on your extender in another room, just switch ngRC to that extender and choose the wished music there…
And the best: ngRC is completey free of charge.

Here is a list of features of ngRC:
Full feature remote control (replacement for IR, let you control your media center over WiFi)
Useable on all iPhones, iPod Touch, PSP, PC, Tablet PC (everything that is Browser-Capable)
Extender Support (control every extender from every room, with only one remote control)
Music-Library-Search (Browse your media center music library by Album, Artist, Playlist, Genre, Title, view Album Details, Title-Details, etc…), filter music by keyword.
Play selected music
Add selected music to playlists
Show actual playing title
Show actual playing playlist
Nice Covert-Art display (mirror-effect)
Direct Jump from Home-Screen to TV Guide, Recordings, Pictures, Videos
You can download the Windows XP and Vista-Setup of ngRC from here:
On Sourceforge there is also the Source-Code available of ngRC.


festival of world said...

nice information about wifi connect....
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justblair said...

I just discovered ngrc, however I found that the interface was too small on my touch screen enabled eee PC 901.

Oliver the Author of ngRC will eventually release a guide on re-skinning ngRC but I was not willing to wait. So I printed out the code and tweaked it for larger screen sizes...

Screenshots here