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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Kitchen Cabinets Z-Wave Colour Changing LED Lighting

In this post we will show you how we can install for you colour changing under cabinet lighting for your kitchen. Many people have a standard light coming on but we can go a few steps further and give you an array of colours to choose from.


What we did was put some RGBW strip lighting under the wall cabinets and take the cable through the cabinet to above the wall units. We then put a single Z-Wave RGBW module and connected the power supply and the LED strip lights.

Once that was complete we added in the Z-Wave module to the Fibaro Home Automation controller. Here you can see that we can now set our colours or create some programmes and/or favourite colours as well.


Not all family members are big technology fans and some may not want to use the phone app or tablet app to control the lights, they may require something more simple and straight forward.

Fibaro Home Automation APP – RGBW Controls

With this in mind we added a key fob remote control, this is a wireless Z-Wave remote and does not require line of sight to function.



The remote has four buttons but importantly can be used to give us eight functions. So we programmed one of the buttons as on/off, and the remaining three buttons gave us options for six colours.

My wife loves this as she has the under cabinet lighting she has been wanting for a long time and now has six colours to choose from and all from using a simple remote control.

Of course later on if she wants to change the colours that is no problems at all and we just go into the Z-Wave controllers configuration page and make the changes to six different colours.

So instead of being boring and having just one colour we have six!

Blue Colour:


Red Colour:


White Colour:


Purple Colour:


Below is a short video showing the remote and lighting effects in action.

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Richard Godfrey said...

Your blog post timing is spot on, just about to have my kitchen redone. Can you let me know where you sourced the LED strips from please?

CW-KID said...

EBay or aliexpress SMD 5050 5m led strips

Richard Godfrey said...

Sorry, another question. Is the white level adequate when you are working/cooking in the kitchen?

CW-KID said...

Yes its OK

Geoff Clow said...

Which exact SMD 5050 do you recommend CW? There are 100's to choose from on AliExpress, and the descriptions are very vague chinglish. I want to be sure I choose one that is RGB and also Fibaro RGBW controller friendly.


CW-KID said...

Search for something like

5M RGB SMD 5050 300 leds Waterproof Led Strip

You need just the strip not their remote and LED controller if you are going to use a Fibaro RGBW moddule.