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Saturday, 8 January 2011

My Movies–Missing metadata whilst playing a movie?

This article applies if you are using My Movies for Windows Home Server. If you are using a standalone My Movies Server / Client on Windows XP / Vista / Seven and you do not have a WHS then this does not apply to you.

Do you have missing metadata on the native Media Center overlay screens whilst playing a movie?

Play a movie once it starts press the info button on your remote control to bring up the Program Info.

This is how it currently looks on my laptop, you can only see part of the UNC Path and a Dolby Logo

Click here for larger image – Program Info

Click here for a larger image – Synopsis

Click here for a larger image – No Synopsis

If you see the same as the above screen shots, then you could be missing the My Movies Media Center MetaData Connector. A rather dated and I thought not a completely clear description of the MetaData Connector can be see here on the My Movies website.

To install the Metadata Connector browse to the following folder on your Windows Home Server

\\servername\Software\My Movies\Media Center MetaData Connector

In here you will find an exe called Media Center MetaData Connector.exe, probably best to close your Media Center program down before running the exe.

Note:- If your Windows client does not have the Windows Home Server Connector software already installed you will get this error:

After clicking the Create button you will see this dialog.

If you are using the My Movies client / MCE add-in then I would go for the first option. If you are using the native My DVD’s (MCE 2005) DVD Library (VMC) or Movies Library (7MC) only I think you would go for option two.

So I select Yes on this dialog as I will be using the My Movies client / MCE add-in on my Windows 7 PC’s.

After clicking the Yes button I was presented with this dialog box.

I then clicked OK on the above dialog and I was simply left with the first dialog box showing on the screen this one:

So at this point I was a little confused as to what was going on? Had the installation finished?

I then opened Media Center and opened My Movies Library and nothing had change I still had no metadata whilst playing a movie.  Looking on the My Movies forum it was suggested that selecting Yes does not work (Thanks Tony). So I tried again and this time selected No. I then saw the following dialog boxes.

Click Yes

Click OK

I then went back in to Media Center and My Movies and started playing the same film again, this time I had the metadata showing as you can see in the screen shots below.

Click here for a larger image

Click here for a larger image

Click here for a larger image

Click here for a larger image

Apparently there is also a problem with Windows Service Pack 1 that breaks this functionality, I do not know why of have any further details on this, perhaps Brian can enlighten us.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok, So what happen's if I am not using WHS 2011?
Could you please make a note of this fact in the beginning. It is hard enough to find any information about the previous versions.