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Monday, 1 November 2010

Introducing VIPID Home Cinema Custom Intros

I’ve been beta testing a new website that allows you to easily create your own custom Home Cinema intro videos. Such as the 20th Century Fox, Pixar and Universal intros, where you can change the text to your own and then have the video rendered by the website. These intro clips could then be used with My Movies for Media Center that supports playback of intro clips before the main film is started. Can Media Browser do this as well?

On this page you select the template from which you wish to create your intro clip from, there are currently 11 templates.


Its just a case of entering your own text in to the different fields, selecting the desired resolution from the left hand side, i.e. 1080P or 720P and clicking the Create button!


Also on the left hand side you can see how many points you need to create this particular video. I selected 1080P which is 650 points, 720P is 550 points, points translate in to $$$ and you can purchase different packages with different amounts of points.

After clicking the Create button you are shown a page like the one below. This is called the cooking progress. I found in IE that the progress percentage bar was a bit irratic and didn’t always move unless you refreshed the page, it worked much better in Firefox however. One of the Developers I have spoken too called Andrey from Russia said they were aware of the issues in IE and were working on fixes.


The Video creation or cooking time can take between 5-10 minutes, which is very fast for rendering clips like this!

Once your video has finished cooking you can go to the My Videos area and see your completed videos. Here you can preview the videos and download them. The videos are currently only created in .MP4 and .FLV (Flash) formats, although Andrey informs me they do have possible plans for other file types such as .AVI, .MPG and .WMV


Download page:


I don’t have the final URL web address of the VIPID website that will be used when the site goes live to users, but when I have it I will update this post and let you know!

Overall a great website that does exactly what you’d expect and it is very easy and fast to use. Highly recommended!

20TH Century Fox – Custom Intro Video


The VIPID website addresses will be: or

I've also been informed by the VIPID Team that 480x270 resolution videos will be free, but you cannot create more than 3 within a 24hrs period.


home theatre design said...

This is a great application in video creation.

Anonymous said...

About how long should I expect to wait to get this feature? Because I'm excited to download it! I'm sure to be back here for your response. Keep on sharing!

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