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Thursday, 26 November 2009

DVD -> DVR-MS - How to video

This is a how to video for beginners, using VideoReDo you can easily and quickly convert DVD movie rips VIDEO_TS to .DVR-MS files.

DVR-MS is the Microsoft format for recorded TV for Windows Media Center in Vista. They also play fine on Windows Seven however.

The advantage of using DVR-MS files is you can play them natively with full FFWD functionality on Windows Media Center extenders such as the Linksys DMA and XBOX 360, say bye bye to transcoding on the fly with Transcode 360 and the likes.


KamiKa said...

A few days ago I installed a Linksys DMA-2100 beside my XboX360 and magic happened. First my Movie library appaered at the DMA-2100 and was playable. I was really suprised. Now it even works on the XboX.
Do you have any idea why this works?

Curtis said...

Curious, why not use WTV format? Do you run W7? If not, I understand. :P

Stuart said...

I can convert MKV's to WTV files using DVR-MS toolbox. But I'm not sure how to convert DVD rips to WTV?

VideoReDo doesn't support WTV yet as far as I know.