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Monday, 27 July 2009

An in depth look at Casa Tunes

Casa Tunes Review Document

Mirror Link

Ever since I first got in to Media Center, one of the first things I started searching for was a whole home audio solution that played nicely with Media Center. I liked the idea of being able to play the same music in two different rooms at the same time and for it to be in sync. I liked the idea of being able to play different music in different rooms at the same time and also to have a party mode where all rooms would play the same music at the same time. Zoned Audio!

Unfortunately Windows Vista / Seven Media Center does not provide these features out of the box so your only option is a 3rd party solution.

Searching Google nearly 3 years ago and Casa Tunes was the only real thing I could find and over this time things remain pretty much the same. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to take an in depth look at Casa Tunes which is a whole home audio solution with Windows Media Center integration. I’ve written a detailed review of this product and anyone who is seriously interested in purchasing Casa Tunes should take a look at the review here which is in PDF format.

Overall I like the Casa Tunes concept and functionality and the way it works, read the full review for my thoughts about the product.

zoned audio

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DWAnderson said...

Neither of your links to the review function.

Stuart said...

Try the links again now, I will try and put up a mirror link as well.

fred said...

I was also unable to download your review. I'm also interested in a solution like this so I definitely can't wait to read it.

Stuart said...

Both links appear to be working for me at the moment. Please try again.

Digital Living Room said...

Thanks for this info, I was not aware of such product. I just wonder how this adds value compared to e.g. Apple Airport particularly when price seem to be quite high.

Richard said...

If the pdf doesn't load properly, you can copy/paste the url into your browser - worked better for me.