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Thursday, 4 June 2009

New wiki guide for Transcode 360

It seems there is still allot of confusion over Transcode 360 and how to get it setup properly, I've decided to write a new updated Wiki guide as some things have changed now since the last one here.

This new guide covers updating the mencoder.exe and ffmpeg.exe files, tweaking the MEncoderTranscoder.cs file to enable multi-thread decoding.

I also look at using Transcode 360 with Media Browser this time and talk more about local vs network setups with WHS.

Hopefully users can follow this guide and get transcode 360 working. The guide is based on a 32bit Vista Media Center setup, I've not tried this on Windows 7 lately but things should work pretty much the same way.

Use at your own risk and make sure you have a full backup of your system before you start.

You can see the new wiki guide here it's in PDF so you need Adobe Reader.

Download mirror here


Anonymous said...

This doesn't work on windows 7 RC1 x86

Marc said...

I don't see why not since I got it working on Windows 7 RC1 x64.

Stuart said...

Was there anything specific or different you had to do to get it working on Windows7 RC1 ? This thread might interest you:

Marc said...

Actually, Stuart, the poster "MrMarc" in that thread is me. I just thought I'd post that it can work in Win7 for others who will find this entry on your blog. I did, however, fail to provide a link, as you did, to where the solution is (will be for Win7-x64).