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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Clubhouse – Windows Community website

Check out the new Microsoft Clubhouse Windows community website, you can take a look at our Media Center related posts that are on there from this page.

The text below is from the Clubhouse website.

Clubhouse Purpose:-

“Let’s keep it simple. We’re here to help others learn how to creatively use Windows. The Clubhouse is all about sharing content and ideas. Showing what you do best. Voicing your opinions. Being an active member in a community that will select the best content for display on the Windows Vista and Windows Live sites.”

Clubhouse Content:-

“Sharing how Windows works in your life — that's what the Clubhouse is all about. Know any “secrets” that help you organize your day-to-day and stay connected? Have you discovered some cool ways to share memories with family and friends? How about making it easy to work — or play — from anywhere? We want to hear all about them!

  • You could:
    • Tell us a story of what you did and why — a story that may inspire others to give it a try!
    • Share your tips on using a certain feature or a shortcut you've figured out.
    • Show off your skills by answering the challenge with great new content. “

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