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Friday, 12 December 2008

Guide to building a HD HTPC

If your current hardware knowledge and PC building skills are as bad as mine
which I very much doubt!

And when you built PC's on a regular basis, motherboards had
no USB ports and then when they did have USB ports no USB devices existed for two years, floppy disk drives were a must have feature and the latest
graphics cards where either Matrox or Diamond and if you had 128MB of RAM you
were lucky! That's what years of senior corporate I.T. management OEM buying power and
laziness gets you! Then this guide is going to be right up your street.

An extremely knowledgeable chap who goes by the name of Renethx over on the
AVS Forums has a fantastic guide for newbie's like me and seasoned PC builders alike.
Check it out here.
Warning there are 160 plus pages and it will make your head hurt if you read
too much, however the first 15 pages or so and for current specs page 85 onwards are the

His HD HTPC build recommendations cover low end, mid range and high end, Intel / Intel, Intel / Nvidia, AMD / AMD and AMD / Nvidia chipsets, he
also covers building massive terabyte storage servers and home servers and high end workstations.

I think I'm gonna just choose one of this spec recommendations and build away when I have the spare cash that is!

1 comment:

JohnnyL said...

Please make a note that this dates back to 2007. while the logic behind what you need pretty much stays the same, the hardware recommendations and prices are out of date.