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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Using ngRC? We need your feedback!

If you are using ngRC we need your input and feedback.

On the last two versions of ngRC, I have seen issues with the Now Playing and the Queue not updating and showing the currently playing track correctly.

They seem to get stuck on a previously played track and do not move on to show the new track that is now playing, even if you refresh the pages.

If you have also seen this happen? Then please head over to this forum and click on the thread that's entitled "RC1 Feedback" and describe what you are seeing?

So hopefully the developer can resolve any issues in this area, the more people that chip in the better the final release will be.

You can also check out the older thread entitled "ngRC queue not updating" which I posted in regard to the last beta version and similar issues.

You will need to sign up to the forum to post, but don't let that put you off submitting your feedback as we need it, even if your feed back is that you are not seeing this same issue and it is working OK for you?

Many Thanks.


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