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Thursday, 31 July 2008

Open Media Library Public Beta

Finally, an open source solution for viewing and organizing your dvd library with Vista media center. This add-in allows users to browse their movie library all in one location. The titles have associated actor, producers, summaries, runtime displayed. The main layout of the project was designed to work through an extender such as the xbox360.

Project hompage

Features: All requested, refused, and current features are listed here. Each item should contain a status.
DONE: these items in in BOLD
IN DEVELOPMENT: these items are in italics
REJECTED: these items are strikedout
ON HOLD FOR FUTURE DEVELOPMENT: these items are normal

(DONE) Mymovies Xml support (one single file)
(DONE) VIDEO_TS playback
(DONE) Image file playback with auto-mounting/unmounting using Daemon Tools (iso, bin, cue, img, udf)
(DONE) Codec based playback support
(DONE) DVD Library manager support
(DONE) DVD Profiler Xml support (one single file)
(DONE) Movie Collectorz Xml support (one single file)
(DONE) Image caching for speed in loading images (using VirtualList class)
(DONE) Command Line app to import data into OML database
(DONE) multi-file (single movie in multiple files) playback support (auto create playlists)
(DONE) Extender support
(DONE) Support for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD ISO files
(DONE) Triple tap: jumping to movie by using letters on remote control
(DONE) Filter by genre, rating, date, runtime, year etc
(DONE) UI based setup (importers, daemontools settings, etc)
(DONE) Metadata editor
Top Requests from 0.1b
Nicer/Better quality thumbnails on menu page
Folder view option
Recursive folder support for mymovies.xml files
(ON HOLD) Support for Blu-Ray/HD-DVD (50% Complete)
(ON HOLD) Movie bookmark features (20% Complete)
(ON HOLD) Movie trailer support (80% Complete)
(ON HOLD) Using 3rd party programs as datasource (10% Complete)
(ON HOLD) Search functionality (0% Complete)
(ON HOLD) DVD playback (actual discs in a real drive, see mounting/unmounting for images of discs) (0% Complete)
(ON HOLD) Define OML xml scheme for 3rd party export/import
(ON HOLD) Option to omit "The" in movie sorting and displaying
(ON HOLD) Native VMC UI controls design
(ON HOLD) Movie Label 2009 Xml support
(ON HOLD) Ant Movie Catalog Xml support
(ON HOLD) Mymovies Xml support (one file per folder)
(ON HOLD) DVD Profiler Xml support (one file per folder)
(ON HOLD) Movie Collectorz Xml support (one file per folder)
(ON HOLD) Boxset and season support (group multiple titles on the main menu into a single boxart/season shown)
(ON HOLD) Releated movies on the movie detail page
(ON HOLD) Parental filter with password
(ON HOLD) Selection of audio track from eg. dvd and mkv
(ON HOLD) Selection of subtitle track from eg. dvd and mkv
(ON HOLD) Multiple right-click options
(ON HOLD) View: Instead of moving a cursor around the screen, the cursor is frozen center and instead the movie rows move
(ON HOLD) Movie queue
(ON HOLD) DVD changer support
(ON HOLD) Windows Home Server support
(ON HOLD) View: File/folder view
(ON HOLD) Autoupdate feature/automatic information of new build
(ON HOLD) Delete movie feature, deleting everything releated to the movie (metadata, moviefile, moviefolder, covers etc)
(ON HOLD) "Mark as watched" feature
(ON HOLD) Ripping DVD's to local/server harddrive
(ON HOLD) Automatic metadata/cover art retrieval
(ON HOLD) Support of other languages
(ON HOLD) Holding down the down button on the movie screen resolves in stopping scrolling and instead displaying letters changing up the alphabet. Stopping scrolling takes the user to the first movie starting with the letter chosen.

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