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Friday, 29 January 2016

Z-Wave RFID Keypad Kits for Sale

We have put together a kit perfect for creating entrance / exit alarm panels for your Z-Wave Home Automation system.

The kit includes:

RFID Keypad with a Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor a miniature relay and a power supply unit.




Instruction Videos

RFID Programming Guide

This is a short video describing how to programme the RFID keypads in preparation for inclusion in a Z-Wave system.

RFID UBS inclusion guide

Video to show inclusion into the controller and changing of the parameters. Paramater 3 needs changing to the value '0' with '1 byte hex'.

Contact our Leeds Office for further information and pricing.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

What is Home Automation? Demo Video

Home Automation falls in to the loT (The Internet of Things) category, its an exciting trend, there are new devices announced every day that connect to the internet to control something. The world is slowly filling up with connected devices, that ultimately make our lives easier. Connected devices are electronic devices, such as appliances, that are able to connect to the Internet. Now everyone has the ability to purchase a product in which they can turn off their lights and close their garage when they are not home. We will be living in a world where everything is “smart.”

‘home automation’ has transformed into an increasingly prominent trend for the development of the ‘smart home’. There is nothing impressive about opening a garage with a remote any more, but there is about double-checking that you remembered to shut your garage by simply picking up your mobile phone when you are miles and miles away from your home.

Smart home automation systems have made it possible for users to do things such as: put their shades up, turn their lights on, adjust their thermostat, unlock their door, and turn their dishwasher on, all from a voice command, or a simple tap on the phone. All this is great, but what are the benefits of having a smart home?

Having a smart home is beneficial for many reasons including: control, convenience, savings and security:

Convenience: Having a smart home is simply convenient. Having your lights turn on when you walk in the room, or having the ability to turn on your central heating on your way home, is a convenient way to live.

Control: Individuals have always had control over things occurring while they are in their homes, but they now have control over their home when they are away at work, or at the store shopping.

Savings: Smart homes can cut down on energy and water usage in your home, which could also save you money in the long run. Wi-fi enabled lights, smart sprinklers, and controlled thermostats are all factors in home automation that can help you save on energy usage, and put money in your wallet!

Security & Safety: Devices connected to your smartphone, such as: smart sensors to detect: carbon monoxide, motion, heat, smoke and water leaks will all keep your home secure and safe. It will not take you until a week after you come home from a vacation to realize that water has been leaking. Any emergency that occurs in your home, you can know about right away and get an immediate solution.

Building a smart home is not as much of a hassle as it used to be. Today, home-automation technologies are way more user-friendly, accessible, and most importantly, way more affordable than they used to be. Adapting to the smart-home world can change your life.

Watch our new demonstration video.

Contact us today for a consultancy to see how we can make your digital smart home become a reality.