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Saturday, 8 November 2008

ZuneOriginals Gets New Designs

The Zune customization web site recently added 46 new designs just in time for the holiday season. The new designs include a Zodiac series featuring both Eastern and Western astrology-related artwork from two different artists.

Full Article

Friday, 7 November 2008

SideShow in Windows 7

I stumbled accross this audio interview with Dan Polivy from Microsoft who talks about some of the new features with SideShow in Windows 7, most notable are TCP/IP support yeah! and Touch support.

"Microsoft has shown off some crazy features in Windows 7 over the past two weeks. Most of these additions are on the user interface level, such as the replacement of the sidebar with simply “desktop gadgets” which can pin to specific locations on the desktop. The evolved taskbar (first time a major usability change was brought to the taskbar since Windows 95 with IE4), the updated Aero features (Aero Peek, Color HotTrack, etc.), as well as Jumplists are also usability and “likeability” features which were added to Windows 7.

Beyond simply the looks, however, there’s also gesture and touch support. These two will have a significant role in Windows 7, as can be seen already via features such as Aero Shake and gesture functionality in common controls (such as scrolling) via the the tablet framework.

Finally, Windows 7 will be much more context-aware than any other operating system thanks to a new sensor framework debuting in Windows 7.

Despite all of thiis, there are still some Windows Vista features which have not been expanded upon during PDC; SideShow, for example, was curiously absent. Will SideShow see more enhancements which will increase adoption? Here’s the quick list:

  • Touch support with SideShow displays
  • TCP/IP support via the updated .net micro framework
  • 100% Backwards Compatibility with all Windows Vista SideShow gadgets

You can hear the full answer in an audio interview I magically recorded with the SideShow lead while at WinHEC"

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My Sony PSP just got allot more interesting!

I just updated my Sony PSP with firmware update 5.01 and now I have access to the Playstation online store!

It's seems version 5.00 actually gave users access to the online store, I must have missed that update. 5.01 addresses issues with larger memory cards.

It seems quite good, free game demos and you can purchase PSP and PS One classic game titles. Movie and game trailers, wall papers and themes.

I might buy a few new games from the online store, as for someone like me who lives in the middle of nowhere, it's not like I can just pop to the shop and buy new game titles off the shelf.

The sign up process was a bit long winded and required me to submit allot of personal information such as DOB and postal address etc. But the sign up went smoothly and I had no problems accessing the store after the sign up process had completed.

Playstation Store Explained

Details for the 5.01 update

Details for the 5.00 update

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

What’s New In Media Player 12

I found a couple of interesting articles about WMP12...

"Windows 7 is going to ship with an updated version of Windows Media Player, WMP 12, which we’re excited to try out. In keeping with the new look of Microsoft apps, the new Media Player features a brighter, lighter look that reminds me of the new Windows Live betas. However, it’s not just the UI that looks different – the player itself offers some pretty cool new features, too"

Read the full article

And another good one here

This is the thing I am really interested to know more about, I wonder if a multi zoned audio setup with WMP12 / W7MC is now going to be possible?

Remote streaming set-up

"As well as streaming to remote PCs, WMP12 also includes support for controlling Digital Living Network Alliance v1.5 devices. These are networked devices with audio and/or video playback capabilities; so, similar to the scenario of streaming to an HTPC, you might be streaming audio to a Sonos box. Each device being Played To has its own playlist and playback settings and is controlled through its own little window"

Windows 7 Screenshots
The Play To controller for a network device

"If a device can't handle the format being streamed, WMP12 will detect this automatically and transcode it on-the-fly."

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Using ngRC? We need your feedback!

If you are using ngRC we need your input and feedback.

On the last two versions of ngRC, I have seen issues with the Now Playing and the Queue not updating and showing the currently playing track correctly.

They seem to get stuck on a previously played track and do not move on to show the new track that is now playing, even if you refresh the pages.

If you have also seen this happen? Then please head over to this forum and click on the thread that's entitled "RC1 Feedback" and describe what you are seeing?

So hopefully the developer can resolve any issues in this area, the more people that chip in the better the final release will be.

You can also check out the older thread entitled "ngRC queue not updating" which I posted in regard to the last beta version and similar issues.

You will need to sign up to the forum to post, but don't let that put you off submitting your feedback as we need it, even if your feed back is that you are not seeing this same issue and it is working OK for you?

Many Thanks.